Redefine urban economic and infrastructural development in the context of sustainability and community. Reduce poverty, instability, urban blight and the impact on the environment while increasing mobility, bettering education, and implementing sustainable methods of construction.

    Facilitate community growth through the investment in and development of community strengthening programming. The community is the fabric of a city. We structure our campaigns around community development, treating it as the foundation needed to sustain our campaigns to alleviate poverty, crime, illiteracy and more.
    Employ and encourage the use of sustainable methods of growth. Rethink space to incorporate a more livable and environmentally conscious design. Develop a more sustainable model of urban land use and implement that model.
    Integrate principles of sustainable development into programming. Suggest and implement urban land and real estate development to reverse the loss of environmental resources with measurable results. Encourage a shift in thinking that realizes the importance the environment.
    Invigorate the local urban economy by addressing each goal of Sustainable Strength® to develop a foundation integral to a sustainable economy. Programming and the implementation of sustainable urban development models will not only support the community, but will perpetuate growth. Finding value within the community and investing in the people of that community will help Sustainable Strength® spur the economy on a local level.