What We Do

How: We act as a catalyst for change, making the greatest impact in our target communities by relying on collaboration, successful methodology, and strategic implementation.


We collaborate with a diverse group of outstanding individuals, activists, professionals, academics and more, who might have or might not have a connection to our target area. Our goal is to leverage collaborators’ expertise to further our cause. Partners contribute as donors and volunteers.

Donors: To successfully redefine sustainable urban development we need your support. Our efforts depend heavily on your generosity. We commit each dollar to our efforts and stress transparency.

Volunteers: Consider the number of complex issues plaguing the urban community. Now consider the number of urban communities in need. Numerous… We realize the importance of collaboration to tackle these complex issues and that is why we rely heavily on our volunteers. Our volunteers help us accomplish our Park Projects, Reality Exhibits and more.

Methodology: There are two phases to our approach: vetting and implementation.


We partner with organizations serving our target communities, recruit community members and activists, and target academic institutions, corporations and nonprofits. We create a platform that highlights issues and we vet and incubate ideas developing projects that provide the best solution. This interdisciplinary approach is key to our success. We structure our conversations as forums and panels and present our work annually during our symposium.

Forums and Panels: The objective is to identify issues affecting urban and community development within our target area in a structured way. This is where we incubate ideas to develop our programming that will have a direct impact on the urban community. Our forums and panels occurs quarterly.

Symposium: This is an opportunity to contextualize our mission and present metrics of our success. This is also an opportunity for us to learn from our audience, where opportunities to participate in panels and more intimate conversations with Sustainable Strength and other organizations who operate in a similar space.


Once the vetting process and incubation nears a close on one project, working with volunteers and other partner organizations, our team carries out projects that has a direct impact on urban development. One element of this step is working with the target community to put processes in place to ensure the sustainability of each project.

Our Projects:

The Reality Exhibit:

To raise awareness, we provide a raw view of our target communities through a series of narrated photo journals, providing an oral history that emphasizes a need for change in our target communities. This acts as a foundation to our projects, developing providing a more vivid perspective into our target communities.

      • Newark Project:
      • The Brooklyn Exhibit
      • The Harlem Exhibit

Sustainable Parks Program:

We acquire land and resources and, leveraging staff and volunteers, we develop abandoned lots into parks and living classrooms creating a social center and education space for residents and students. We collaborate with community organizations and local nonprofits to get the buy-in of the local community in an effort to partner with them to make the operations of the garden.

Describe the educational piece:

We partner with local schools to develop modules to supplement their curriculum that we then repurpose to educate the community. Topics include urban farming, health, cooking and more.

Community Garden:

By providing parcels to community residents, we provide an opportunity to grow crops to reduce their monthly food expenses and the remaining produce will source the local food pantry and we structure opportunities to sell at local farmers markets.

      • Newark Project:
      • The Brooklyn Exhibit
      • The Harlem Exhibit

Future Projects:

Sustainable Mixed-Housing